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Rach (Heart of Rachel)

I could imagine that having tattoos on the head can be twice as painful as those on the body.


I have plenty of tattoos but I dont imagine myself getting head or hand tattoo's not that i am anti them some look real cool, just not my thing and they have to hurt a heck of a lot


Pretty bold for these guys to get shaved and tattoo their heads !


sort of a "prison break"...

Ashish Sidapara

Wow, that must hurt!


Head tattoos - I don't get them. I mean how painful! The hand ones remindme of henna tattoo.

luna miranda

i'd love to see a tattoo of "cracks" on a bald head.:D or a family of head lice (lol).


I thought the face and inside the mouth is the pinnacle of tattoo afficionados, the head/scalp tattoos looks they hurt a lot more!

Suby & Sinem

Hi Sidney, lovely to see you back blogging, been a while, where have you been hiding? Seems we have missed a bit of your work well have to go through your arcive Now :)


Yours is a magnificent job. Congratulations.


a lot of sport players are doing this
hey maybe if I advertise Coca Cola on my head I will get paid for life

dong ho

looks like the people there considers their body as a wall. every inch is significant.


if i were to get my own head tattoo, it would say:
"fighting maroon but green-minded"


Charles Ravndal

Ouch! That is all I can think of


freaky tatt! not my cup of tea :)


Those head tattoos look pretty scary.


a video to reassure you on my safety and security... :-))


Terrific, love this guy's head.
He looks like he is enjoying himself as well.


that is some smile... at photo 3. :->


It's actually pretty smart, because I guess if you let your hair grow, no one can see the tattoo... and you don't get in trouble for being a gang member.


on dirait presque qu ils ont une cellule pour chacun d entre eux.. ! un vrai travail de classification a laquelle ils se pretent volontiers!! tu as pris cellule aussi pour le reportage?


Toujours aussi impressionnant !


Now that's one of my body parts I won't ever have a tattoo on.


J'imagine la douleur ressentie : peu de chair, finesse de la peau...

dennis villegas

Yehey!!! I'm first to comment!!! This head tattoo is possibly more relaxing to experience than body tattoo....I'd like to have one in my balding spot..a tattoo of artificial hair...

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